I love you Kew

After living in London for 24 years, the city is finally starting to grate on me. It's too big and too crowded, and I'm getting tired of it. A move to the countryside is not an option as we are city people through and through, and I'm sure this fatigue is probably more due to it being February than anything else. I hate this month so much! It's only redeeming feature is that it's short (it should be even shorter if you ask me). Last Sunday we went to Kew Gardens, and we usually don't bother going in the winter as there's not that much to look at. But being there I realised what a tonic it was, for all of us. The kids love it and we grown ups get to catch up, as we all walk about 10km, without complaints. If we ever moved away it would be one of the places I'd miss the most.


  1. Hi dear F., I owe you thanks for posting on your blog again :-)
    I am sorry to read that London is starting to grate on you and also amazed that you've been living there for so long. I guess that is what city life is, wherever you are. Seen from here, Brussels, London is 1million time better. But it is a question of perspective as, even as a tourist, I can be overwhelmed by the crowds of tourists invading London ;) We should ideally have 2 places to live in, in turns, no? ;) Kew Gardens is my must-absolutely-go place next time! take care, Pekiye

    1. Haha yes, thank you! I still like this space the most... Two places to live would be ideal, wouldn't it? I think I'm just a bit jaded after all these years here, but also I do find the winters here really hard. They just draaaaaaag! I'll try and be a bit more upbeat next year, and make sure it doesn't get to me as much. And you must go to Kew Gardens! It's a really special place. Make sure you wear comfy shoes, as you'll be doing a LOT of walking ;) Have a great weekend P!


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