A little break from our holiday pics: the youngest member of our household turned six last weekend. Uhm, whaaaat?! How does time go so fast? Although I must say it feels like a very long time ago that he was a baby. And if you're wondering why this cake had so many candles in it; it's his cousin's birthday the day before, and they always get a shared birthday cake at his nana's. And for the only time ever he's exactly half the age of his cousin. Like a one-off eclipse or something :)


  1. Happy Birthday O! I cannot believe he is 6 already!! This is such a sweet cake, I love that he shares his birthday cake with his cousin, such nice family traditions!

    1. So crazy, right?! He's practically a man ;)

      We have my mother-in-law to thank for most of our family traditions, I must make sure that I carry the flag once it's my turn! xx


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