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So many parts of London are becoming generic modern visions of what modernity should look like (lots of glass and no personality) and it's all pretty soulless. We found these relics on the way to the Shard, and I wish they'd keep more of them. It was my London anniversary this week (22 years!), and the city is undergoing so much change I'm worried about where it's heading. It's more and more a city for the rich, who buy up property only to keep them as investments with no one living there, so whole neighbourhoods die come evening time, when the people who work in the area leave for home. What on earth will it be like once Oomoo becomes an adult?! He'll either be living with us for a looooong time, or emigrate (insert sad face) - which runs in the blood in my family...


  1. I don't live in LDN but I share your worries. I go there often and can't help but have mixed feelings about the constantly changing skyline and hate how the 'city of my dreams" is becoming overcrowded and overpriced ;( My favourite part of London is Shoreditch but it is slowly gentrifying too. I hope Oomoo won't go any further than Amsterdam, it'b be convienent for you, huh ;-) Best wishes from Brussels

  2. i really like this Funny Photos, looks great

  3. Yes, it had changed so much in a very short time !... I often go to London by myself for a couple of days or a bit more to walk around and take pictures, I do that for about ten years now- twice a year- and I'm always searching uncommon places and old shops, but it has become a bit difficult ( and thank you again, I did find the "shoe fayre", it was a funny little adventure to look after it and I was thrilled by it ! :)

  4. Gammalt tegel och bokstäver! </3


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