Stockholm 2014

Looking at these pictures now, it seems like ages ago that we were in Stockholm, even though it was only last week. It was insanely hot when we were there, and we were relieved to come back to a cooler London; but now as I type this, with rain and wind lashing at the window and wearing a jumper and a scarf, I wouldn't mind that heat all over again. I wasn't really in blog mode when we were there, so my pictures from the trip are very random. We stayed in a sweet little flat in a neighbour hood that I've never lived in, just so it felt more like a holiday than it usually does. Those of you who live away from family will know the madness of those trips, when you go "back" to see everyone you've left behind, which quickly becomes a bit like an endurance test. So many to see, in such little time, all over the city. But it's worth it. Seeing Oomoo and morfar (my dad) messing about and having a laugh is a true joy to witness, and I'm very grateful for that. We can always recharge our batteries once we're back home again.

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