The post where the pic has nothing to do with what I've written

Hey. Apologies for the radio silence. Too much to do and not enough time to plonk myself down in front of the computer. I'm running another 10K race in three weeks time, so my training is taking up a lot of time and energy, and Japanese has stepped up a gear as well. However, I want to share some music that I've been enjoying a lot for the past few weeks. It's the best band I'd never heard of and their first album isn't even out yet! I also watch the videos regularly; they really bring me a smile and a lump in my throat. I sent them to a friend recently and said that seeing them I realised that I'd always wanted to be a B-girl, I just didn't know it at the time. Does that make sense? You always regret the things you didn't do, rather than the ones you did, right?! As a result I've promised myself that even though I'm nearly 40, I will start going to a street dance class (breakdancing will be way too hard!) later this year. For reals. Anyway... I digress. The band is called Jungle and they are effin' brilliant.

The Heat is my favourite video in years; so simple, fun and uplifting.
Platoon features little 6-year old B-girl Terra - she's so goooooooood!
And lastly Busy Earnin'. The guy in the pink top is the best of the bunch.

Now then, I've got some tidying up to do and when I do I will blast my new favourite band :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the good sound and amazing moves.
    You should go for it girl, I'm sure you'll be pretty good as a B-girl, and you'll surely have fun ;)

    Oh I spent a whole week in London last week... am really missing it ;(
    Wish you the best of luck with your running! Hey you're not bad for a - almost - 40yr old hahaa (no worries, I am 40 and half as dynamic as you ;p )

    1. I didn't see your comment until now! Hope you had a great time when you were here?! I'm glad you like Jungle too... and maybe be I'll be a b-granny instead??

      Thank you for well wishes for my "race" (I say that in brackets because I'll hardly be racing, haha)... It's on Sunday morning and I'm rearing to go! Can't wait to find out whether the 12 weeks of training will help me beat last year's time...

    2. As always, I enjoyed my stay in London. I wish I could stay longer. I missed Serpentine pavilion this time ;( And I couldn't go to Barbican either, I really wanted to go after seeing your pics. Next time hopefully!

      I send you loads of motivation for the race (you don't need to run like Super Jamie (wow am I that old?!), just be Super You ;)) Take care, bon courage!


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