It's a cool Yule

Long time readers of this blog will know how I've always been quite anti-Christmas, but for the first time since my childhood I've actually enjoyed the run-up to it. Having a four year old has totally changed my feelings, as I've been reminded of how magical it all seemed as a child. Another thing that changed this year was that we decided to do Secret Santa for the grown ups, which took away the stress of finding everyone gifts and the whole consumerist aspect of the holidays. I also realised what a miserable month the darkest month of the year would be if we didn't have all those Christmas lights and decorations, and how baking and making stuff made staying indoors much cosier on dark, wet and windy afternoons. And I look forward to seeing if Father Christmas brings Oomoo what he wished for (he made me draw his wish list)! Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and happy holidays if you don't - hope you have a good one!

F xx


  1. Lovely list! ;)
    Happy Holidays/God Jul to you and your family, dear F.

  2. True, it makes things look brighter and people nicer; so it's not all bad ;)
    Your drawings are so good, I love the raven!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, dear F.

  3. Christmas is so much better with a kid around, you're so right. And that wish list is adorable. I wonder if Oomoo got his 2 ravens...

  4. Uau. You are the best!
    So inspirational!

    Klemen, Slovenia


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