October 31st

Halloween wasn't something we celebrated in Sweden when I grew up (we did something similar at Easter where we dressed up as witches/old ladies), and it wasn't even particularly here in the UK either, but in the past few years it's become very popular. And I for one appreciate any sort of break from the everyday dreariness that envelopes us at this time of year. For several days before, Oomoo (who for the second year running dressed up as a cat) was so excited about going trick or treating with his cousins and on the night we all had great fun. Luckily he's already forgotten about his big bag of sweetie swag :)

P.S. How creepy is that witch in the fifth picture?? Answer: very. She opened the door like that and then continued to cackle until each trick or treater had left.


  1. I didn't celebrate Halloween much either when I was a kid (my parents coming from Hong Kong didn't know what it was!) so we always went trick or treating without costumes. No fun!
    But Halloween is so fun as a kid, and a parent! I am totally taking advantage of the years that Eloise lets me dress her up! Soon she will pick her own costumes and the fun is over for me!
    I love that London loves Halloween as well!


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