The little gem

I meant to post these last year, but somehow never got round to it. Some friends of ours who live in the countryside had recently moved, and in their garden was this dilapidated bungalow. It's funny to look at these now as there's a lot of bluey green in our new house... I guess this ramshackle little building spoke to me. We're moving into our new home this weekend! So. Damn. Excited. It'll probably be quiet here on the blog until we're settled in, but you can check in on my Instagram feed until then. See you soon!


  1. Beautiful shots! I love that bluey green colour, it looks like oxidized copper, and I love the doors, can certainly see why you were inspired by that little shack :)

  2. Oh my... I do get it! It looks dream like. I have always had a soft spot for old and rough thing. I adore the fact that old thigs have a life of before, stories and history. I bet that little place has some stories aswell. And what's best you can always invent more.

    Good luck and happines to your new home.

  3. Å så vackert och spökigt. Stormiga blågröna nyanser är bland de allra bästa. Ha en fin inflyttning!

  4. such lovely light and textures here.


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