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Had a bit of a surprise when I got a film developed last week. I'd found the roll in a drawer and loaded the camera, shooting away, not thinking anything of it. However, it turns out it was an old roll that my godfather had shot and rewound - but not all the way. How I ended up with the roll is a mystery as he still lives in Stockholm, but what was amazing was that the pictures were from 15 years ago. My sister in this picture is now 20 and it's so weird to see her frozen in time, with Oomoo in the same frame. A lot of the roll ended up double exposed and the second half of only my pictures were all under exposed. The film had expired after all. This sort of time traveling just doesn't happen when you shoot digitally. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've just had the same experience with an old camera my grandmother gave me. There was still some film inside so I continued using it, and when developed some beautiful shots that my grandfather shot more than 20 years ago showed up. My photos on the otherhand were completely black, guess that film was expired as well... Such an amazing feeling to hold those old/new photographs!

    1. that's such a nice story - hooray for film!

  2. A really superb, surprising picture! Even without knowing the story behind, its great with the two faces.


  3. Amazing! Such a fantastic tale of film.

  4. Wow. A little bit of magic frozen in time. These surprises you can only hope for, never expect.

  5. Wow, this is great! As Ella said... magical :-)

  6. What a wonderful surprise - this is gorgeous!

  7. Such a lovely story! Precious! Yes, that's the magic of film!


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