Messing about

I'm having a go at re-designing the blog... I don't know what I'm doing so it'll look a bit messy for a bit. Or forever :)

(I don't know how you line things up or how to get rid of the white borders around the photos. Any tips/instructions will be much appreciated!)

EDIT: To tell you the truth, re-designing this blog is something I'm doing in hope that I might want to post again. I'm not actually sure that blogging fits into my life anymore, I'm just not feeling it. I'm not the same person I was when I started the blog and it was something that made me happy to do. Now I shy away from the computer, I don't want to spend time on it. Don't get me wrong, I still love taking pictures, I just can't figure out how to (or why) share them online. I in part blame Instagram for making it so easy and quick to post pictures, blogging in comparison is too slow and too fiddly. I also prefer not having to write anything about the pictures; it feels irrelevant. Maybe I need to make this blog more like a tumblr feed. I don't know... I'm kind of thinking out loud here.

We shall see.


  1. We can wait for the final result (and I can't wait to see it)! (To get read of the borders, go to the html part of the layout and look for the following thing '.post img', here it says border and says how much border you have. To remove the border you can write 'none' after border or simply put the border at 0px.

  2. Thanks Joana, I shall try!
    I'm touched by the fact that people are still out there following the blog, all I know is how I feel about it and not how anyone else does :) just reading your comment makes me think that I should keep going. anyways, thanks again and have a great day!

  3. i used this for my blog tweaks: http://www.jsblogstop.com/2011/01/blogger-css-tweaks-remove-border-and.html

    that site has lots of good tips and tricks. you just copy and paste and it appears like magic!

    i'm sure you'll find your right blogging path, you'll know when you've got the right one :-)

  4. Hey you, I can help with widths etc - but see you’ve already got rid of shadows :) i feel the same with my blog at the mo too. It’s not fitting into life the way it did. x

  5. I underestand you so much . Instagram is so easy that blogging seems very loud . I used to have a blog and i think it's hard to have one without talking about oneself and i didn't want to talk about myself anymore .
    But even if i understand you, i 'll regret you on this blog if you stop it ! :)

  6. Please don't stop. Few words and beautiful pictures are a great combo. Maybe instagram is the 'post it all' site and the blog is more considered compositions? Sorry, don't want to tell you what to do, but I'd miss your blog...

  7. I understand your feelings about text, I've been writing less and less with my blog posts recently, and also posting less. What I do like about blogging is that I need to organize my pictures in groups in order to post them, so it's a good way of keeping track of my own life in little stories, but without giving away too many details of my personal life if I don't explain them. But yes, it takes a lot of time.
    I hope you'll be back around here, I always enjoy seeing the world through your eyes!

  8. My reaction http://www.onestophumour.com/funny-pics/7183/ lol

  9. i've wanted to know how to get rid of the border too!

    please don't go!


  10. i could not imagine my bloglife without my funny eye! your pictures and your personal, funny words are such a pleasure! it would make me sad if you'd stop blogging! i've been following your blog for so long and there would be a gap in my top sites section :)

    oh please don't go!

    1. that is so kind of you to say francisca, thank you thank you! as you can see I'm posting again... I should probably not think out loud in the future :)

  11. I'm with Francisca and others above, I've been following your blog for ages and is always a top favourite. Your pictures are gifts, your eye is funny and absolutely unique. I would be sad to not follow it. Although I follow your instagram feed, it's not the same, it's more volatile. I still love blogs more.

    Yes, blogging has changed so much. I also have so many hesitations with mine, it's so hard to find my voice when it used to be natural. Blogging also seems so "professional" these days... Oh well, I sure hope you find some sense in it and keep coming around here! I'm always on the watch :)


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