Square eyes

Since getting into Instagram I've been craving shooting medium format. I've already got a Diana F +, but as there's only one place in London that will do prints, it's been collecting dust on the shelf. However, when I found out that the Diana Mini uses conventional 35mm, well hey, it was pretty obvious what I wanted for my last birthday (let's face it, unless there's a lottery win in the household a Hasselblad won't be coming my way any time soon). These are from the first test roll and I'm pretty happy with the result. They might not be very sharp but that's part of the charm I think. Double exposures from the same roll coming up in the next post!


  1. ah ah you'll have a Blad one day, these things do need time to come.
    Love those medium format. A lot.

  2. I likey likey! The second picture down, I was looking at thinking where is that swan’s beak? It’s a dog Kerry. See you tomorrow :) x

  3. very nice! i didn't know the Diana mini took 35mm film! i love the charm of lomo cameras. the Yashica-mat is a nice compromise if you can't afford a Hasselblad. it's SOOOO much cheaper (found mine on ebay for under $200). it takes the best medium format photos i've ever taken. granted, you can't beat the H, but it comes close.

  4. ohhhh nice - i got to get me one! x

  5. nice click
    all credit goes to the clicker who make this image so funny by clicking right time


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