Home away from home

Hej! How are you? We came back from a week away in Stockholm a few days ago; it was great to see my family again and for Oomoo to reacquaint himself with everyone. I took such random pictures whilst we were there and I'm not really sure how I'll group them... Anyway, I thought I'd start with these. They're little details from my godfather's flat which is crammed full of weird and wonderful things. See that orange porcelain cat? When I was a kid there was a neighbour in the apartment block opposite who had a cat, and I'd pretend the orange cat was a real cat by holding it in my arms and stroking it. Somehow I don't think I fooled anyone.


  1. Love the cat! The chandelier detail photo is stunning! Beautiful lighting, composition, depth of field...just gorgeous.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love the last picture. The light is so pretty!

  3. I love the little birds on the wall. Sounds like a lovely trip.

  4. Ohhh! I love these photos!
    When I was little, I ALSO used to carry around a toy cat and pretended it was real! bwahahaaa


    Looking forward to more pics from Sverige!

  5. jättefint ju! älskar fågelväggen där och bilden on top och så fotot (du?). jättefin serie. och story om katten! lurar man bara sej själv så är allt vunnet liksom. ibland (ofta) ser jag det osynliga i leken när jag leker med T, -jag tror det fanns fantasiliv i katten på riktigt för fler än dej. hoppas! :D
    hoppas sthlm inte bara var regn o blåst för er... ?!

  6. charlyn w: yay - I'm not alone ;)

    emma: ja det är jag på bilden - mamma tog den... T har sån tur att få ha dig att leka med, det är inte alla vuxna som ger sig in i det helhjärtat. sthlm var hett! vi var oftast alldeles för varmt klädda; jag hade ingen koll på vädret (inget tv-tittande och inget internet). puh!

  7. that's such a sweet story!
    and my, your godfather has a serious collection of copper pans, lucky man.

  8. I love these photos! Together they give a little glimpse of the some of what has shaped the person you are today! The colours are wonderful.

    - nancy

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