My Friday

1. Before.
2. After.
3. Little Mo looking at Oomoo.
4. A little red in the window.
5. Some muzak courtesy of the Oomster himself.

Tell me about your weekend; what's the plan, man?
Oh, and Happy Friday!


  1. Love the last picture...there is something so precious about little kids hands that i have always loved!

    Liesl :)

  2. Healthy Friday!
    Cute little hands on the piano:)

    We are leaving San Francisco and heading to LA where we will spend the weekend with a very dear friend:)

  3. Oooh, I want some of that juice. I'm sure it was delicious, wasn't it?

    I'm sewing curtains tonight, running a workshop tomorrow and we're celebrating my brother's birthday on Sunday at my parents. Cozy and exciting week-end! Have a good one :)

  4. guten abend! jag har just serverat salladsbuffet till min man, inklusive bubbel och ostar. proppers! vad fin bild på piano-mannen, vänster hand = pianofingrar, höger hand = pepparkaksfigur? SÖT!

  5. uhhh its been too long since i made juice (and since i commented here too! but im still reading!) This weekend we will have a double birthday: D=28 + E=1 -its gonna be fun! and a lot of people in very little space :) right now im baking rugbrød for the lunch

  6. As I was scrolling down..after the fruit and veg picture becoming the glass of juice...I was terrified what would happen to Little Mo...eek! I'm so glad he's okay...

  7. Love the before - after combination!

  8. love love love your pictures !

    with a glass of red wine,
    tchin ! ; )

  9. I like your blog, I find it very interesting.

  10. shiiitfint o gott ju, de första två bilderna. MUMMA frö kroppen med. o ögat som sagt.
    fint med lite ljuv pianokonsert från barnahand också. :)
    här = kratta löv, vara utomhus, gå på soppbuffé, loppis, jogga, gå på bio och gå ut å dricka vin. o lite jobba. (:

  11. oh, what a good reminder (need healthy juice. now.)

    that boy's advanced, isn't he? :)
    I had a pretty good w-end, I hope yours was too.

  12. i loved the two first pictures. i am stuck at bed with a big bad thing, i need so much vitamin C !

  13. super dooper, lovely series. the last one is the best! :)


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