A little red

We rented a beautiful little flat right in the centre of Stockholm and I would have loved to have shot it properly but I didn't know the person we rented it from, so I didn't dare. A home is one's castle after all! It had the right balance of new and old and even though it was small, the furniture and objects in it had room to breathe. It inspired me to seriously de-clutter our home... but it'll probably take me until the end of the year!

Even though this is not my usual style I love this apartment; I guess I don't mind clutter - as long as it is someone else's :)


  1. Other flats can sometimes be so inspiring..just by the smallest things..I really like these three images..especially the first one which reminds me to the orange phone we had when I was young ; )

  2. I found our old family phone in my attic, it's exactly like the one in the picture, and in the same red shade. In the front plastic "pocket" it has our old number neatly typed with a type writer. That really tugged at my heart strings - it's a keeper!

  3. i like the first photo a lot. i have this thing for these old teles, especially when they're red!

  4. the old telephone is really funky!

  5. the super man made me chuckle! ...and break out my old action figures.

  6. Jag har också en likadan röd telefon :)


    /Gula Villan i Skellefteå


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