And finally...

1. A photographer to be?
2. Some scary trees.
3. A tree proudly wearing it's new summer dress.

That's it for this Lomo roll! I can't wait to see what the next one brings (hint: some holiday shots from our impending first trip away as a family - yay!)...


  1. Good combo, great greens. These pictures we´ll be watching when the days turn dark and windy again :)

  2. i love these lomo shots!
    may i ask you what you did to fix the problem with the foam? mine has a light leak and i think it's because the foam is too old...but i don't know what to do about it...?!? thanks a lot :)

  3. The scary trees remind me a bit of Sleepy Hollow.

    The third one would be so pretty blown up, and hung on a wall. :) Love it!v

  4. so sweet, the first picture! the 3 photos fit so well together.

  5. Heh... those scary trees remind me a bit of the ones in the Knights-who-say-ni scene of the Holy Grail :)

  6. i love how she is holding the camera! A pro already!

    loving these lomo shots famapa!

  7. men guuu va spännande med DEN NÄSTA rullen. också. dessa var underbara. Speciellt lilla Ooomo på tha Looomo! :D (och; haha, katten i förra inlägget... roli!!) :)

  8. What a great shot of the wee girl and trees! You use the lomo amazingly.

  9. hey all, thank you so much for your comments; that little camera brings me so much joy and I'm glad you guys like the results!

    jana: the foam hasn't completely come off on mine, so the hubby used some canned air air duster to get rid of the loose bits. I had a look on the internet and found this tutorial on how to replace the seals: http://aki-asahi.net/store/html/LC-A_seals/01_e.html

    hope it's helpful!

    gali: :D

    celine: she got so confused as to why she couldn't see the picture I took of her straight away! to think there'll be a generation who don't know of any other format than digital... :(

  10. the first picture is just adorable!! I have recently started an analog blog, maybe you could participate?? :)

    have a lovely week!


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