Just last week in my 'hood

With a Lomo roll of film there is usually one frame that is the picture, the one that makes you so happy, the one you got right. Well for me it was the picture of the puddle! Puddles can be very nice you know... The third pic was a bit of a mistake, as the viewfinder is separate from the lens I couldn't see that my finger was covering it, but I think it makes it more interesting :)


  1. helt sant! ...vill med se vattenpölar. NU.

    den sista bilden, är det... nån som simmar ryggsim eller gungar mot ett blått golv? ...??

  2. These are so cool! I have two questions:

    (1) which kind of camera did you use (Diana?)?

    (2) do you do anything special to have them developed so that they come back so vivid? do you use special film? or is that ALL due to the camera?

    okay that was more like 5 questions. :)

  3. i can see your pom pom beanie :p so cute!

  4. I like the last photo the most. I think it's really good - the legs seem so funny and not real, could be a good illustration for some children's book.

  5. very nice, though i almost like the sky one the best because it was a mistake. am developing my first roll just now as well (picking up tomorrow) so looking forward to seeing the results!

  6. I love the first picture too!

  7. i love that last photo! it's so eerie looking.

  8. e: kommer du ihåg staty-damen med snö på huvudet i en av mina snö-upplägg? det är hennes fossingar! snacka om hjulbent! det blåa är botten på fontänen hon sitter i... hoppas det töar hos dig snart.

    1) it's a LOMO LC-A camera
    2a) no, no x-processing or the like, just normal
    2b) I used kodak gold 200
    2c) it's a combination of the film and the camera, the camera is famous for it's vignetting (the black edges in the corners), but I'd say it's mostly the "crappy" lens.

    hope that's helpful! :0)

  9. i like the last one. ( and the puddle too)

  10. the puddle shot is fantastic.


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