Sundays seem to have become the day we spend with the in-laws, which means having fun with the nephew and the niece. Yesterday was no different! How was your weekend?


  1. Hello, Famapa.
    My weekend if you drop in my place will see it was much alike yours, spending time having fun...

    Return home for me is allways time to spend with the cousins and rest, to have energy to all the work, after this mini breaks until easter.

    have a nice week, and i love your work. Kiss

  2. Vilken ruggi strut-hund! haha

    Helgen här var också familjär på många vis. Himla mycket sol, lite marknad i byn och gott att äta.

  3. Yes, ours was much the same as yours... it was my husbands mums birthday... so family, fun & celebrations and they all came to us!!

  4. Min helg var finemang. Besök på några utställningar, massor av sol, sovmorgon,wody allen på dvd....

  5. hi hi... i pretty fond of that doggy... what are they selling in this shop? ice cream? :-)
    by the way... nice blog. very good photos. i like them!

  6. I like the last one, is lovely! Your pictures are beautiful, I like your blog! :)


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